The Oldham Club

The Oldham Club (“Oldham”) takes its name in honour of Bishop William Fitzjames Oldham, an Indian born British American Bishop of the Methodist Church and the founder of the Anglo-Chinese School in Singapore. As the social and community outreach arm of the ACS OBA, we welcome current students in the family of Anglo-Chinese Schools, staff, parents, alumni and all in the community.


We first began in 2008, with Rugby as the founding chapter.  Today we have eleven Chapters -













As an entirely volunteer run organisation, each chapter runs activities that cater to every season of life, from Junior, Youth, to Masters. We participate at both National and International competitions. These activities allows mentorship, from our more senior members to the young adults and to our younger wards.  Through this, we seek to build up our members as persons of character who live out the values we learnt from ACS. These values include: traditions, continuity, servitude, humility, fraternal love, respect and excellence.


In the simplest analogy, parents may seldom communicate well with their children and yet, the School Captain who is 17 could prove to be an invaluable role model to a 13/14-year old.  It is like having a big brother (young mentor) walking with him through the best part of his formative years.  We have built in the last decade, through sweat and tears, an endearing community that is varied and diverse.  A magnificent journey is not to be walked alone but also with like minded travellers that are outside the ACS family, who share our values.  It is a humbling and yet a great learning journey for all of us.


In Oldham, it is always about how we do things, doing what is right always, but understanding that we don’t always get it right and getting the right results.  We welcome you to have fun without which activities cannot be sustained. This will develop and promote a culture of excellence.  Our collage of photographs may offer an idea of who we are, what we are, but please come and experience personally, our journey.


There are ample opportunities for you to be personal involved in Oldham - spectating, volunteering as a coach and sharing your personal expertise.  Please connect with us -