Oldham Club

Oldham Club is the social and community outreach arm of the ACS OBA which uses sports, arts and other activities as a medium to strengthen our alumni community and the ties we have to wider society.  

Through our activities, we seek to build up our members as persons of character who live the values  we learnt from ACS. These are among others; having a spirit of service, fraternal love, respect and excellence.

We achieve this in the way we operate as an entirely volunteer run organisation, and through the process of mentorship. The main objective of the Club is for ACS alumni to engage, minister to, and guide our younger wards (who are ACS students, alumni or friends of ACS) in the values and traditions of the school.

We participate in national competitions, friendly games, and performances which allow us to develop friendships and foster a sense of solidarity among our members.  We inspire one another to be better through competition, and naturally, mentoring opportunities arise as senior members take the lead, share experiences and model a better way to live.

Oldham Club also seeks to serve the 6 ACS schools by providing a platform for current students to participate, where appropriate, alongside the alumni to hone their skills and perform at a higher level. In addition, where possible, it serves the school directly by being part of the coaching panel in the schools.

Currently, there are 9 chapters which are each run by a dedicated group of volunteers:

Badminton Basketball Hockey
Waterpolo Squash Tennis
Rugby Choir Scouts

Oldham Club welcomes everyone from our Alumni, either to participate in the activities, to coach, to administer, to mentor or just to be part of the community. 

If you are interested to find out more or serve alongside us, please submit your interest to admin@acsoba.net and get connected.