Thursday, 18 March 2021, 6:30-8:00pm

Discuss trends and changes in organisational growth, leadership strategy and business expansion in a global pandemic. How can companies innovate towards impacting social change and improvement? What impact has Covid-19 had on how leaders think about their vision and management styles?

Tanu Chellam (ACS (I) 2009) Managing Director, Rosetta Digital,

Sarah Kim (ACJC 2008) Co-Founder, Culture n Strategy,
Olivia Siong (ACJC 2006) Beijing Correspondent, Channel News Asia

Join us and find out.

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Do catch Colin Goh (ACS ‘86; ACJC ‘88) sharing about his latest virtual offering - DIM SUM WARRIORS (, and Serene Chen (ACJC ‘92) and bi-lingual presenter Jacqueline Chow (ACJC ‘97) ( share tips on how to communicate effectively in this virtual space.

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Thursday, January 14th, 2021, 6:00- 8pm
Attracting Capital & Investors: This seminar will introduce you to different options for businesses seeking capital for growth, and how to decide the option best suited for your business.  A great resource for business owners!  Learn more about these alternatives from the capital markets, private equity firms and banks from:

Chew Sutat (ACS '88), Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Sales and Origination, SGX

Dr Ho Choon Hou (ACS '88; ACJC '90), Managing Director, Southern Capital Group, and

Shee Tse Koon (ACS '86; ACJC '88), Group Executive and Country Head, DBS Singapore

For those who missed the seminar, you can catch the recording at this link