23 February 2019, Saturday

Past vs Present 2019

0800 - 1700 | ACS (Ind), ACS (Barker) and ACJC | S$ 0.00
Past vs Present 2019

Dear ACSians, 
The Annual Past vs Present Games for 2019 will be held on 23rd Feb 2019 (Sat) morning. Join us for this social event as we pit our skills against the current players.
The details of the games are as follows:

Team Sports Location Start Time
Touch Rugby ACJC 9:30am
Soccer ACS (I) 10:00am
Volleyball ACJC 8:00am
Waterpolo ACS (I) 9:30am
Basketball ACS (International) 10:15am


Individual Sports Location Start Time
Squash ACS (I) 9:00am
Tennis ACJC 8:30am
Badminton ACS (I) 9:00am

Note: there is no parking available for participants at ACS(I) and ACJC, you would have to park in the public carparks opposite the school. 


  1. Please indicate on the form below your particulars and the sport you are interested in participating in.
  2. Each registration is for 1 person only.
  3. For team sports, please indicate the team name in the comments field.

Organising Committee