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Trade Mark Notification, Use of ACS Marks and ACS Brand Guidelines

Trade Mark Notification

The Anglo-Chinese School (“ACS”) Crest mark, ACS stylised mark, ACS Creature device mark, “ACS” and “ACSIAN” marks (the “ACS Marks”) are the property of the Anglo-Chinese School Old Boys’ Association (“ACSOBA”).
The ACS Marks serve as identifiers for, and represent, the ACS family of schools, the ACSOBA, the ACS Board of Governors (“ACS BOG”), the Anglo-Chinese Schools Foundation (“the ACS Foundation”) and other ACS-related organisations (collectively, the “ACS Institutions”).
The ACS Marks, together with other names, symbols and/or images that represent and identify the ACS Institutions (“ACS Identifiers”), should be used only for authorised purposes and in accordance with the ACS Brand Guidelines, befitting the dignity and integrity of ACS and the ACS Institutions.

Use of ACS Marks

ACSOBA Members may download the following ACS Marks for authorised purposes.

The ACSOBA has made available the ACS Marks below for the use of ACSOBA Members, in order to develop a spirit of loyalty and love for ACS, to foster a sense of belonging and comradeship amongst each other, teachers and students. ACSOBA Members may use the ACS Marks to produce their own personalised clothing and other paraphernalia (such as ties, watches, cuff-links, books etc) for class-reunions, alumni events and engagements with the ACS Institutions.
The ACS Marks are not to be used for profit or commercial purposes.  
The ACSOBA reserves the right to disallow any use of the ACS Marks which contravenes the ACS Brand Guidelines, is unauthorised or would otherwise bring any of the ACS Institutions into disrepute.
For school-related uses of the ACS Marks (including use by Parent Support Groups, student activity / sports groups), please approach the respective school’s administration for school-specific ACS Marks.  
Clarifications on the use of the ACS Marks and/or ACS Identifiers are to be directed to:

# File Download Date
1 ACS Creature Full Colour (PDF) 15 Apr 2021
2 ACS Creature Full Colour (EPS) 15 Apr 2021
3 ACS Brand Guide 04 Jan 2019
4 ACS Crest for Online 04 Jan 2019
5 ACS Crest for Print 04 Jan 2019
6 ACS Only (PDF) 04 Jan 2019
7 ACS Creature Full Colour (EPS) 04 Jan 2019
8 ACS Creature Full Colour (JPG) 04 Jan 2019